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Facility Rules

Hostel MX

Training Facility

General Facility Rules

  • Insurance is the responsibility of each rider.

  • Speed limit 5 mph.

  • Check in, sign liability waiver, and pay prior to riding.

  • Ride at your own risk.

  • Helmets and riding gear must be worn all times.

  • Riding is only allowed on designated tracks

  • The track and trails are one direction.

    • Enter and Exit track only where designated.

  • Stay on marked course.  Do not make new trails.

  • No riding on the sides of jumps.

  • Riding is only permitted during the designated times.

  • No track cutting.

  • No Street Shoes in Gym

  • No littering – please pick up all trash.

  • Respect riders, spectators, and the facility.

  • Bullying will not be tolerated.

Pit Bike Rules

  • Helmets are required on pit bikes for anyone under 18

  • Pit bikes/Pit vehicles are a privilege, not a right and can be taken away.

  • Pit bikes are prohibited in the following areas: All tracks except the pit bike track, including and not limited to: MX Tracks, SX Tracks, Turn Tracks, Front Woods.

  • Pit bikes/Pit vehicles are not allowed to leave the property, if you leave the property on a pit bike your pit bike privileges will be revoked.

  • Pit bikes/ Pit vehicles may not be operated in a reckless, carless or dangerous manner, and may not be operated by anyone under the influence of drugs/alcohol.

  • When driving pit bikes/pit vehicles out to the track, follow the water truck roads.  Do not ride/drive on any track, sides of jumps, or grass.  Enter and exit the track thought the red gate, do not drive between the pond and the lean to.

Specific Rules During Training

  • All riders need to check in, sign waiver, and pay prior to training

  • If the Red Gate is Closed the Track is Closed

  • Standard start time is 8am Gym | 9am riding

    • This may vary depending on weather – Please follow teams app for updates

  • No pit riding except for transportation to and from pits and track during training hours

  • 7pm Pit Bike Curfew

  • 9pm Rider Curfew

  • 10pm Quiet Time

  • No Street Shoes in Gym

  • Access track from start area or water truck road – No cutting across track

  • Respect riders, spectators, facility, and facility staff.

  • Bullying will not be tolerated.

Failure to follow these rules may result in removal from the property.

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